Top 5 Nutrition Tips at Christmas

Woman measuring tummy to see results of following Top 5 Nutrition tips at ChristmasBy Amy Jaya

Wisdom No.1:  A balanced diet can be exciting

Look at the Australian Dietary Guidelines and you will see there is plenty of variety and scope for you to create interesting meals that are also very healthy.  For information about Australian Dietary Guidelines go to

Wisdom No.2:  Reject fads with no proof

If you monitor the press closely you’ll probably see a new wonder diet released nearly every day.  Many of them will be extreme diets that tell you it’s ok to cut out major food groups.  In most cases it’s not ok.  If you are going to make changes to your diet it is essential that you consult a qualified health practitioner or nutrition specialist who can determine what is right for your unique circumstances.  

 Wisdom No.3:  Think long term health, not short lived show

Many people are on what’s called the yo-yo diet.  They fast for a short time, lose some weight, and then put it back on faster than you say Jack Rabbit Slims.  This is not good for long term nutrition health.  A good nutrition plan should be consistently applied over the long term 

Wisdom No.4:  Transition to a complete nutrition plan slowly

If you are eating some bad foods that you want to eradicate from your diet, it’s best not to go cold turkey.  You’re likely to find it too hard, give up and simply go back to your bad habits.  Transition slowly by reducing your intake a bit at a time.

Wisdom No.5:  Water, water, water.

Recommended amount of water per day is at least 2 litres (8 glasses per day)

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