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Amy helps client lifting weights during personal training sessionPersonal Training

The massive rise in interest in personal training is due to the convenience of having an expert plan a highly energised and tailored program and work side by side with you to motivate and guide you to maximise results.

Whatever your goal is – be it weight loss, general fitness or training for a special event, Amy will design a tailor made program for you to suit your individual needs, abilities and fitness levels.  Amy’s individualised programs are highly motivating, with a bit of fun along the way.  Her passion, dedication and commitment to motivate clients guarantees results.   Most of Amy’s personal training sessions are one on one but she also works with small groups and corporate teams.

Given people’s busy schedules and need for flexibility, Amy is able to design a program that enables you to juggle work and family and still get the exercise you need to reach your goals. The coaching Amy provides her clients allows them to achieve far more than they ever could alone.

Amy brings over 10 years experience in the Fitness industry and deep knowledge and skills in Pilates, Yoga and Nutrition to her personal training sessions.  Amy’s diverse expertise means you can choose from a number of different disciplines and exercises as part of your program. This includes Pilates, cycle, running, weights, rowing, boxing and resistance exercises. With so many possibilities you’ll never get bored and always be looking forward to your next session.

So if you are serious about making a difference to your health and wellbeing, now is the perfect time to call or email Amy to get started.  Invest in Personal Training Today and kick start your goal!

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Contact Amy: e-mail OR call 0410 473 996

Sessions at Star Fitness, 24 Arco Lane, Heatherton.

Here’s what some of Amy’s clients have said about her Personal Training

Mar 12, 2013 by Anita Panayiotou, Victoria

I have always had trouble sustaining my fitness regime but I have been training with Amy consistently for a couple of years now and I have never felt more motivated.  Amy is interested in my personal health and fitness goals, and goes above and beyond to help me achieve them.

Mar 12, 2013 by Sue White , Melbourne.

Amy listens to your training needs and develops a program to help you reach your goals. The sessions are varied, with new challenges at a pace that suits you. I have learned correct techniques for exercises and enjoy the newsletters to motivate you through the week.

Mar 12, 2013 by Paula Glassey, Melbourne.

I started training with Amy in February 2012 and much to my surprise I found I really enjoyed it. I hadn’t exercised for ages so Amy really had her work cut out.  However because I enjoyed it I was able to consistently make sessions.  My strength and flexibility improved and I got compliments on my appearance – Amy’s work with me really improved my posture so people thought I had lost weight. I find Amy incredibly perceptive about how far she can push me on any given day. I feel blessed to have her as my trainer.

Mar 12, 2013 by Kay Gries , Melbourne.

“I have been doing weight and strength training with Amy over the past few months and have really enjoyed the classes, contrary to my initial reservations. Amy takes the time to explain what we are doing and what areas are being targeted.  Each class is varied, challenging and INTERESTING.  Results (and laughs) assured – highly recommended.”