Pen JAM Sunday March 18, Goodlife Health Club, Sandringham

Pen JAM Sunday March 18
Goodlife Health Club – 150 Tulip St. Sandringham,

10:30am-­5:00pm Workshop with Amy Jaya
Indoor Cycling: Advanced Training (7 CECs)

This 6-­hour workshop is jam-­packed with innovative ideas for you to spice up your cycle classes. Ideal for those instructors who have a qualification in cycle training and are wanting to take their instruction to the next level.

During the course bio mechanics of cycling, advanced cycle programs and coaching skills will be covered and comprehensive notes will be provided. The course is accredited with Fitness Australia for 7 CEC points. This is your chance to learn how to craft unforgettable class plans and experiences for your class participants.

2:00pm-­3:30pm Workshop with Jenny Harrison Boxing
(2 CECs) Boxing has finally come of age! Not just for the wannabe professional cage fighter, boxing is suitable for people of all different fitness levels and is one of the best full body workouts you can offer your clients or group fitness participants. FAB boxing gives you ready to go boxing routines suitable for any type of training. Spice up your sessions with the 2-­?minute tabata-­style rounds. Short, sharp bursts of energy, these are the ultimate in interval training.

Not sure how boxing can be incorporated into group exercise? See how easy it is to organize, adapt and cater for all levels of fitness through boxing. Discover why boxing will always be a popular inclusion on the group exercise timetable – strength, cardio-­vascular and fun rolled into the one FABulous session. This workshop will give you great ideas for all types of training sessions and is the must attend workshop for personal trainers and instructors.

2:00pm-­3:00pm Masterclass with Claire Barker-
Hemings Ballet Blend Conditioning Ballet Blend is a body conditioning class that combines the strength and grace of dance with the athleticism of fitness. This master class will show you how to easily blend ballet moves with regular conditioning moves to tone and sculpt the entire body. Take away these ideas and choreography to use in an entire session or use elements of the class during your regular conditioning sessions. No prior dance experience is necessary to enjoy the benefits of ballet-­?based conditioning.

4:00pm-­5:30pm Lecture with Marietta Mehanni Core Foundations (1 CEC)
Did you know that the pelvic floor was a core muscle? Did you know that 50% of women have a weakened pelvic floor? Traditionally pelvic floor exercises have been the domain of Pilates, mind body and yoga programs, but now that core training is part of most group exercises classes and personal training workouts, it is the responsibility of every fitness professional to have a working understanding of how the pelvic floor plays an integral role in the core. This interactive session will combine anatomy with practical demonstrations and useful imagery to encourage activation of this unique muscle that is found in both men and women. Supported by the Continence Foundation of Australia, Pelvic Floor First Ambassador, Marietta Mehanni, will provide tips on how best to implement pelvic floor exercises into any fitness program or core workout.

4:00pm-­5:30pm Workshop with Jenny Harrison Sensational Circuit (2 CECs)
Can Circuit be more than 10 stations organised in a circle? You bet! FAB Circuit combines cardio and resistance training for a full body workout in a variety of formats. Depending on your particular goals for your client or group, you could use ‘The Outer Limits’, or ‘Fat Blaster’, or even ‘The Squeeze’ to give your clients the best workout ever. FAB circuit workshops are for personal trainers, group fitness instructors or boot camp trainers who want to put the WOW factor back into their sessions. Discover the jewel in the crown of group fitness training.

Date passed. Stay tuned on our site for further events

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