Recipe: Afternoon Delight

Afternoon delight

We all struggle sometimes with the afternoon dip in energy and crave something sugary to keep us going. The good news is that our treats don't have to contain sugar to sustain us. My easy to make ...
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Feedback is a gift


By Paul Clifford Have you been in a position lately where you wanted to give someone some feedback but you were worried about how they might react?  This is a very common concern but one that hinders ...
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Exercising the pelvic floor muscles

pelvic floor

For many people, pelvic floor muscles are probably the most under-trained muscle in the whole body. It is the most important muscle that needs to be exercised on a regular basis. This applies to both ...
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From Amy’s exercise toolbox: Dumbbell Bulgarian split squat


By Amy Jaya Bulgarian split squat is one of my all time favourite leg strengthening exercises. If you are finding back squats and front squat challenging due to restrictions in the lower and upper ...
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