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woman thinking about using myCompass - on-line help for mental health

By Paul Clifford

With the rise of apps for everything from checking whether you will have a bad hair day to helping you stop calling people drunk in the middle of the night, it is not surprising that there are also apps and on-line tools for managing arguably more important things such as your mental health.  In this article I want to highlight an on-line tool to help people manage and improve their mental health.

It is important to note that these tools are not substitutes for professional help.  In some cases professional help may be a first necessity and sometimes these tools may not be appropriate for particular individuals given their circumstances.  In certain cases, a professional should supervise the person’s use of the tools.


myCompass is for people with mild to moderate stress, anxiety and/or depression.  myCompass provides you with tailored information to suit your needs.  Based on the profile that you enter it will provide you with suggestions as to what you might like to monitor, i.e motivation, anxiety, social support.  It then provides you with an opportunity to track how you are going in these areas.  By tracking and then reviewing what you have noted over several days you may pick up helpful trends.  For example, you may identify your levels of motivation increase and anxiety decrease the more you socialise with family and friends.  You might also identify that your anxiety is higher at certain times in the day or the week and that this has tended to correlate with certain events.  This may help you to look at the way you are interpreting those events.  If that interpretation can be changed you may see a positive impact on your anxiety.

There are SMS reminders to help you monitor your symptoms and to remind you to undertake the self help activities.  The modules provide you with exercises and activities that will help you better understand some of the factors triggering your feelings and behaviour and give you some feedback to assist you to make some changes.   The diary allows you to jot down your thoughts and feelings which often helps ‘get things off your chest’ and process what has happened and how you feel.

I’d encourage you to go to and view the video or you can get started by registering at


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