Maitripa Healesville Retreat

By Amy Jaya

IMG_5486The Maitripa Centre in Healesville was the setting for my latest Retreat 14-16 November.  A group of 14 including Paul & myself made the trip to the Centre on the Friday afternoon.  After settling in, the Retreat commenced with a 2 hour yoga & meditation session in one of the Gompas (Meditation halls, pictured below).

Our participants ranged from the absolute beginner right through to experienced yogis and the latter made a great contribution to the retreat by offering guidance and support to those who were just starting out.



IMG_5520The Saturday sessions were a chance for everyone to practice a variety of poses but also to put together a program for themselves that they could engage with on an ongoing basis in their own time.  Participants paired up and identified the sequences and exercises that were going to be most beneficial to them.  Some even went to the step of first identifying what their needs were – flexibility, to sleep better etc, and then chose routines that would help them achieve those outcomes.

This got me thinking.  I should write a piece that directs you, my readers, to poses that suit certain purposes.


When we went around the room during one of the yoga sessions at Maitripa and asked what motivates each participant to do yoga we had 14 different motivations, 10 of which can be achieved through specific poses.  Below are some specific poses that will help to achieve the 10 objectives.

Click here to see more photos from the Retreat.


Stretching the muscles

Cat cow
cat cow



Spinal twist

spinal twist


Sun salutations

down dog



Wide legged forward bend


wide legged fwd bend

Sleeping better

Legs up wall

Yoga workout





Core Strength

Seated roll down

Amy rolling down



Side Plank

side plank


Mountain Pose                                

mountain pose

Half Lotus                                          

half lotus

Corpse pose


Letting Go of the Day

Standing forward bend                

standing fwd bend

Corpse pose                                      


Legs up the wall

Yoga workout


Mountain pose with arms up

mountain pose with arms up

Eagle arms

eagle arms


Seated forward bend

seated forward bend

Bow pose

bow pose

Wheel pose

wheel pose

Managing Stress

Staff pose

staff pose

Fish pose

fish pose

Reclining bound angle pose

reclining bound angle pose

Sculping the body



Side plank

side plank



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