Flourish through Adversity – Free workshop at Lu Lu Lemon

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Coming up on Wednesday 27th March at 6.15pm, Paul Clifford, Organisational Psychologist will be presenting ‘Flourish through Adversity’ – a one hour presentation on Resilience and effective stress management.

The presentation will be held at Lu Lu Lemon, 2 Church St Brighton

and it’s FREE.

Here’s how Paul describes the session.

Flourish through Adversity is a presentation for those people who want to learn about what real and effective stress management is all about. A lot of stress management workshops focus on coping strategies as if we have to wait until we really get stressed before we can use a strategy that only promises survival. Life’s too short to just cope and survive. Real stress management is about thriving in tough situations and coming out the other side in even better shape than we were before. To do this we must be proactive! We need to acquire and utilise a variety of skills, behaviours, thinking patterns and resources on an ongoing basis so that when tough situations happen we are armed to thrive. This presentation will outline what the skills, behaviours, thinking patterns and resources are and how to acquire and use them.

No need to register. Just bring your good self along to Lu Lu Lemon, 2 Church St Brighton on Wednesday 27th March at 6.15pm. See you there.

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