Tropical Turmeric Smoothie Recipe

tumeric smoothie

Smoothies are fabulous!  Whoever invented them needs a big pat on the back. They're a nutritious punch, portable, and they are great for people who need to get up and go.  Adding the right ingredients ...
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Low Intensity Steady State Cardio – How does it work?

Aerobic activity jogging or running

Most of us have heard a lot about High Intensity Cardio and how it can be done in a short time to burn fat. However there is much debate about which type of cardio is best to burn fat. The reason ...
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From Amy’s exercise toolbox – barbell front squat

barbell front squat

Barbell front squat is a fantastic multi joint exercise. It is an important lift that helps with strength and flexibility whilst conditioning the whole body. The only issue is the position of the bar ...
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From Amy’s exercise toolbox – Back Squats


The squat is one of the best full body or compound exercises in strength training. There are a number of various ways of performing a squat, for example with or without equipment. We are focusing on ...
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