Anytime anywhere workout

Amy alternate leg 2

By Amy Jaya

Many of you will have worked hard during the year to keep yourself fit.  However you know that the danger period looms, where all your hard work can come undone.  We call it Christmas or the holiday period.  Well, why not try to buck the trend and keep yourself fit throughout the holiday period with an anytime anywhere workout.




Let’s start with the Lunge

Stand tall with feet about shoulder distance apart.

Keep shoulders relaxed and chest lifted.

Amy standing

Step right leg forward.

Keep torso upright.

Lower hips and bend right knee towards the floor to a 90 degree angle.

Left leg will also be bending the facilitate the lunge.

Amy knee bend

Then step right leg back and repeat on left.

Amy knee bend2

Alternate for 12x reps.

Keep chest lifted, shoulders back and relaxed.

Engage glutes and abdominal muscles.

Remember to lift the pelvic floor muscles.


Next is Push ups

Kneel on the floor on all fours.

Place hands directly under shoulders and hips in line with knees.

Draw the shoulders back and engage the abdominals.

Amy hands on

Start to lower the chest towards the floor.

Avoid using your head to lead the movement.

Head and neck is maintained in a neutral position.

Keep looking towards the floor.

Use chest, shoulders and triceps.

Tighten core muscles including pelvis floor and glutes.

Amy face down

Perform 10 reps.

Alternate  Lunges and Push ups for 3x sets.


Next is the Squat

Stand tall with your feet shoulder distance apart.

Use a narrow or wide stance for your feet.

Wider stance will activate glutes and hamstrings more.

Narrrow stance will work more quad muscles.

Turn toes out slightly.

Arms crossed in front of chest or hands on hips.

Amy standing for squat

Push hips back and start to bend knees to a 90 degree angle.

Imagine you are sitting down and back on a chair.

Make sure knees are not extending over your toes.

Make sure weight is in your heels for a deeper squat.

Aim to keep the back straight or in neutral and eyes looking ahead.

Keep your abdominals switched on and lift the pelvic floor muscles.

Amy squat

Pause at the bottom and return to starting position

Engage the glutes while coming up to starting position.

Aim for 12 reps


Next is the Full sit up/ roll down

Commence by sitting on your sit bones.

Knees bent or legs straight.

Spine is up right and shoulders relaxed.

Arms reaching out in front.

Engage the abdominals and pelvic floor.

Amy seated

Start to roll down in a control manner towards the floor and take the arms towards the back.

Pause at the bottom and continue to roll up to start position in a controlled manner.

Aim for 10x reps.

Amy rolling downAmy full stretch

Alternate squats and sit ups for 3x sets.

Next is Step ups

Find a step or a park bench.

Stand in front with feet shoulder distance apart.

Keep body upright , shoulders relaxed.

Engage the core, lift pelvic floor and at the same time activate the glutes.

Step one leg on to the step or park bench.

Amy one foot upAmy two feet up

Step down and repeat to other leg.

Aim for 20x reps.


And finally……Obliques/ Criss Cross

Start by lying on the floor.

Then bring both legs to table top position (both legs are bent to 90/90).

Interlace fingers and places hands behind head.

Engage abdominals and lift pelvic floor.

Amy alternate leg1Amy alternate leg 3

Start to  lift head up off the mat and maintain the chest lift.

Extend the right leg out to a 60 degree angle and take right elbow towards the bent knee.

Avoid bringing the elbow to touch the knee.

Repeat to other side.

Avoid pulling on the neck and keep chest opened.

Aim for 20x reps.

Alternate Obliques/Criss cross and Step ups  3xsets


Ideally perform each set as prescribed for 3x rounds.

If time poor aim for 2x sets of each set.

Minimal rest between sets.

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