Top 5 Tips of Stress Management at Christmas

Man appearing depressed as he has not applied the top 5 tips for stress management at Christmas

Here are some good things to do at Christmas (or indeed during any stressful period) to help stay sane!

Wisdom No.1:  Monitor and change your self-talk

Think about what you say to yourself and others.  Is your talk positive or negative?  Research shows that people who are good at stress management or what we call resilient people have a positivity ratio of at least 3 to 1.  That is they experience positive emotions three times more than negative emotions.  Your self talk and what you say to others is a reflection of this.  So what are you doing to keep your positive mood spiraling up and apply this good stress management technique at Christmas?  For more information about the positivity ratio go to Positivity Ratio website

Wisdom No.2:  Determine the real issue

Is what you are getting upset about the real issue?  Could the real issue be something bigger you don’t want to face?  Many of us finding ourselves getting annoyed at the smallest things time after time.  If we are so upset constantly about what is in front of us, could it actually be that something bigger is really what is bothering us.  Sometimes tackling the big issue can be the essential stress management technique that provides massive relief and enables us to look at everything else in a different light.

Wisdom No.3:  Thinking leads to emotion

Change your thinking and see the differences to how you feel about the issue.  There is a connection between what we say and how we feel.  You can interpret the same event in vastly different ways.  Try to reinterpret something that has happened to you and see the effect on your emotions.

Wisdom No.4:  Do some myth busting

Test out the unhelpful assumptions you’ve made about yourself and your life, i.e “I am not good at that”.  You may find data that proves their not true

Wisdom No.5:  Think prevention

Be proactive and preventative.  Stress Management is all about building your resilience skills and resources ahead of time so that when life’s events happen you are well positioned to deal with them effectively.

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